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Verticalmove is a respected Staffing and IT services company with 20+ years of proven experience, delivering solutions to Fortune 500 companies and start-up organizations across the United States, Europe and Canada.


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Digital Transformation

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Success that is defined by a simple but unique approach that defies the industry standard

With the “War for Talent” going on, we help our clients find the best of the best.

We leverage an AI-powered digital skills assessment platform, which leverages audio, video, and image proctoring to confirm identity authenticity, location, and overall competency.

This helps to distill a hiring decision into a simple score and ranking system for our clients. These tools allow our recruitment team to achieve measurable consistency, remove unconscious bias, and improve outcomes for our clients by matching the right talent with the right roles.

With a 6:1 submittal-to-offer ratio, and a greater than 85% offer acceptance rate, your company will have a pipeline of qualified candidates, and a successful hire within 30-45 days. You can be 100% confident that you’re hiring the best talent as efficiently as possible.

Providing The Solutions You Need

We’re building the most admired companies in the world, by providing the solutions that allow them to innovate and grow exponentially and we’re certain we can help you too!

Why Engineers and IT Pros Love Us

We aspire to be the most knowledgeable experts in our domain, understanding every nuance of the technologies and trends that make up our industry. We build lasting relationships with Engineering and IT professionals, helping them make vertical 'upward' moves in their careers.

Why The Top Companies Hire From Us

We produce the highest number of placements, with fewer resumes, in the least amount of time. No gimmicks or disappointments. This translates into more successful hires with fewer interviews, and more importantly, fewer declined offers. The end result is less time wasted for our clients while increasing productivity and profits, which translates into a competitive edge with diminished risk.

Relationships and Integrity

Our business has always been defined by a simple, but unique approach that defies the industry standard. Ethics and integrity are at the core of everything we do and we have a deep passion for building lasting personal relationships with those we come in contact with each day.

We're Building The Most Admired Companies In The World

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Frequently Asked Questions

We achieve measurable hiring consistency, remove unconscious bias, and improve hiring outcomes for our clients. This is accomplished via our AI-powered digital skills assessment platform, which leverages audio, video, and image proctoring to confirm identity authenticity, location, and overall competency distilled into a simple score and ranking system.

Our time-to-fill averages 45 days and in some cases can be less than a few weeks depending upon the role and expectation from our clients. 

Our offer acceptance rate is greater than 85%, which exceptional considering the competitive nature of the technology industry. 

Our dedication toward helping clients achieve successful digital transformations. In a highly competitive “war for talent” marketplace, we help clients find the talent necessary to move away from their existing legacy monolithic existence, and move to a modern, cloud-based environment that allows them to leverage Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, and Advance Analytics.

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