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Tune into the Recruiting Trailblazers Podcast with Marcus Edwards! Unlocking Success: Crafting a Magnetic Employer Brand

Expanding upon the recent episode of the ‘Recruiting Trailblazers Podcast, hosted by Marcus Edwards of Verticalmove, we gain insights from Marta Riggins. Marta, an Employer Brand Specialist renowned for her impactful contributions at Instacart, LinkedIn, and Pandora, shares valuable strategies for crafting a compelling and magnetic employer brand.

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The Pursuit of Excellence: The Undeniable Value of Hiring Top Talent!

In the highly competitive corporate arena, the words of Steve Jobs resonate with particular significance: “A players attract A players, but B players attract C players.” It’s a philosophy that emphasizes the caliber of employees as the bedrock of organizational success. But in the wake of the economic turmoil of 2022/2023, have companies maintained their focus on securing these coveted ‘A players’? As firms navigate the choppy waters of the pandemic’s aftermath, including surges in layoffs, it’s worth pondering whether the available talent pool reflects these high-performing individuals or whether it’s a mixed bag of opportunity.

If we accept Jobs’s assertion, the strategic acquisition of ‘A players’ should be a top priority for any forward-looking company. The logic is compelling: top-tier talent tends to operate in networks of excellence, invariably drawing in peers of similar caliber. This not only enhances the company culture but can also significantly reduce the costs associated with recruiting, as the need for constant hiring lessens and the stability of a skilled workforce grows. The domino effect extends to revenue generation – a robust team of high achievers drives innovation, efficiency, and, ultimately, profitability.

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Catching Fraudulent Candidates: How Employers Can Use Form I-94 for Identity Verification

In the wake of the recent revelation by the Justice Department about IT workers dispatched and contracted by North Korea using false identities to secure jobs in the U.S., employers are now more cautious than ever. While the situation highlights the need for stringent identity verification measures in the recruitment process, it also provides an opportunity to review the tools at our disposal. One such tool is Form I-94.

What is Form I-94: Form I-94 serves as a record of entry and exit for non-U.S. citizens permitted to enter the United States temporarily. It contains key elements that can be used to validate an individual’s identity and legal status for employment in the U.S.

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What an amazingly thoughtful thing to say

What an incredible way to wrap up the week. We received this message from a candidate via our contact form on our website this afternoon. I’m truly impressed with you, Sam Dolezal. Thanks for your kindness and thoughtfulness, and for being an outstanding ambassador of Verticalmove, Inc.

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