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Customer Success Story: Building an AI Dream Team for Healthcare Client using a Contingent, Flexible, Workforce!

Verticalmove’s collaboration with a top healthcare company resulted in remarkable achievements and transformative impacts. Within a short span of 20 days, we successfully created the foundation for a high-caliber AI team, filling critical roles that had remained vacant for months. This enabled the implementation of advanced AI services, including Speech Recognition, Medical Image Analysis, and an intelligent Health Bot Service, revolutionizing operations and enhancing patient care. Our strategic recruitment approach and AI assessment tools ensured the introduction of exceptional talent, driving innovation and shaping the future of healthcare.


One of the world’s largest healthcare companies approached us with a critical need to build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) team based on a flexible, contingent workforce model. They had been struggling to fill several AI-related roles, including Artificial Intelligence Architects, AI Engineers, and Data Engineers, for over five months internally. The company aimed to leverage Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Environment and explore the potential of OpenAI to implement cognitive services across their enterprise.


Understanding the urgency and importance of the project, our team sprang into action. Within just 12 days of receiving the first Artificial Intelligence Architect requirement, we developed a robust pipeline of thoroughly vetted candidates. Our efficiency paid off as we successfully filled the first Artificial Intelligence Architect role within eight days of submitting our first candidate, resulting in a remarkable time-to-fill of only 20 days. The client was equally impressed with our second Artificial Intelligence Architect hire, and soon after, we filled the third and final position in the Artificial Intelligence team. Building on this success, we continued to source and place several Artificial Intelligence Engineers and Data Pipeline & Processing Engineers, securing the trust and confidence of our client.


Verticalmove strategically leverages our extensive network and market insights to generate interest and engagement among top talent. By introducing highly qualified candidates to our healthcare client’s groundbreaking AI team, we ensure an innovative and capable talent pool.

 To enhance hiring outcomes, we utilize an AI-powered digital skills assessment platform. This platform employs audio, video, and image proctoring to confirm identity, location, and competency. It provides objective scores and rankings, removing unconscious bias and improving consistency. We further assess candidates through live coding paired programming sessions before submitting them to the end client. This hands-on approach evaluates technical proficiency, problem-solving skills, and teamwork.

 Verticalmove’s combination of strategic recruitment, AI assessment, and rigorous evaluations ensures our clients receive exceptional candidates ready to make a meaningful impact. 


Our client not only identified and hired the necessary talent but also achieved their goal of deploying modern AI services throughout their enterprise. With our help, they established a flexible and cost-effective workforce to implement Vision, Speech, Language, and Decision services within Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Environment. This next-generation, cloud-based, shared services platform empowers application developers across the organization to build advanced applications, including Speech Recognition and Transcription, Medical Image Analysis, an intelligent Health Bot Service, Image Recognition, and much more. 

Through our partnership, the healthcare company unlocked the potential of AI technology, revolutionizing its operations and enhancing patient care. By leveraging the power of LinkedIn and our expertise in AI talent acquisition, Verticalmove played a crucial role in shaping the future of healthcare for this visionary organization.

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