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Customer Success Story – How we built a Digital Transformation & Innovation Lab for a $50 billion-dollar, Fortune 40 Retailer within 18 months

The Full Customer Story

Our client may be known as one of the home retail leaders of the world but more recently the company has made a name for itself in the technology sector. This $50 billion, Fortune 40 company is successfully altering the way consumers view home retail with the implementation of their Innovation Lab.

By working in an exclusive capacity with this client, we have managed to exceed all professional expectations in the last 18 months by making 25 hires. By tracking down evasive candidates and passing on their skill sets to the home retailer, our client has completed the digital transformation that was once out-of-reach with vital assistance from Verticalmove.

The Challenge & Objective

The Innovation Lab is a celebration of forward-thinking and creativity across all technological fields. From virtual reality visualization to robotics in store, this Fortune 40 client needed a boost when it came to hiring for vital roles to make this project a reality. The world previously saw our client as a home retailer, not as a force to be reckoned with in the technological field yet directly due to our contribution, they were named Most Innovative Company of 2018 by a respected technology industry publication.

Verticalmove stepped up to find these elusive candidates, which ranged from high-ranking executives to individual contributors. Not only were these highly qualified candidates engaging with our client in no time, but within the first month several critical roles were filled and in the past 18 months, we’ve made over 25 additional hires.

The Game Changing Results

The digital transformation of our client was fueled by competent hires that brought in highly-desired skills. We boast an average of 8:1 submittal to hire ratio and an 85% acceptance rate for the Innovation Lab. Our client is one of the largest retailers in the United States and is in direct competition with internet powerhouse Amazon. By helping the Innovation Lab hire 25 people in just 18 months and become the most innovative company 2018, we have done our part to keep over 2,370 retail locations up and running. Over 290,000 employees depend on the success of our client. Without quick-action, the Innovation Lab would have been stuck in development and jobs would be at risk. Here at Verticalmove, it is our priority to ensure the continued success of our clients.

While the Innovation Lab is a paramount accomplishment, we pride ourselves in working with highly-qualified professionals to attain real and tangible results, building next-gen teams that drive companies forward to dominate an ever-competitive market. The success of this client is a perfect example of how our work affects real people and real business progress so that they can continue to grow their bottom line.

More About Verticalmove

Verticalmove is a world-class business consulting firm that solves complex human capital challenges among the most admired companies globally such as Microsoft, SAP,, Teradata, Polaris Industries, Ellie Mae and We’ve assembled a top-notch team of recruitment experts that help our clientele attract and retain the brightest Executive, Technical, Sales and Marketing professionals through our Confluence RPO, Executive Search and Contract Contingent Workforce services. With operations in the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco, New York and Europe, we continue to expand our reach with every new relationship we establish.

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