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Customer Success Story – How we built the worlds first Philanthropic Software Cloud in under 10 months

The Full Customer Story

Recently, we partnered with one the largest technology companies, specifically their non-for-profit division, whose primary focus is to promote philanthropic activities on the behalf of their parent company and Founder. Our highly-capable recruitment team enabled our client to bring to reality the world’s first ever mainstream public facing Software Cloud for Global Philanthropy, completely from scratch. In just ten months, this idea was conceived, a new team was built, and the first version of the product officially went live. This product not only served our client’s needs but disrupted the global philanthropic ecosystem, which placed this client company at the forefront of the global philanthropic community.

The Challenge & Objective

This initiative required highly-skilled professionals to join their team within a very tight deadline. Some of these vital positions included ReactJS User Interface Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Distributed Systems Platform Engineers and Cybersecurity Engineers.

In ten months, we negotiated and presented twenty-two offers for employment to highly skilled software engineering professionals who we sourced, qualified and introduced to our client. In this period, we accomplished an 11:1 submittal-to-offer ratio which is exceptional for this particular client considering their high technical-bar, the specific skill sets they sought and the short time frame we were given to build the initial team.

Hiring a new team from scratch is extremely difficult and requires laser focus. Due to our competencies in engineering recruitment and our own personal commitment to philanthropic endeavors, we were able to exceed our client’s expectations and allow them to fully craft their vision, later to be shared on stage, as a show-stopping Keynote Presentation during their 2018 technology conference.

The Game Changing Results

Without the help of our team, this client and their Philanthropy Software Cloud would not have had the opportunity to not only meet, but exceed launch expectations. One of these expectations, of course, included an aggressive deadline, which we were expected to meet. Verticalmove had to act deliberately and with exceptional urgency to ensure the successful delivery of the most innovative and disruptive software product the global philanthropic ecosystems has yet to experience.

The commitment and fortitude we extend to this client evidences our dedication to serving our partners with incredible professionalism and results, all while operating under an extremely tight deadline. Here at Verticalmove, we understand our own responsibility as a corporate philanthropist and wanted to immerse ourselves into an initiative that we someday could leverage within our own enterprise. Working with both philanthropy and digital innovation was a perfect opportunity to combine our company’s cultural interests and professional endeavors. In 2019, we have our eyes set on another ambitious goal that we fully expect to achieve for this client, which will be an assignment to double the size of the engineering team.

More About Verticalmove

Verticalmove is a world-class business consulting firm that solves complex human capital challenges among the most admired companies globally such as Microsoft, SAP,, Teradata, Polaris Industries, Ellie Mae and We’ve assembled a top-notch team of recruitment experts that help our clientele attract and retain the brightest Executive, Technical, Sales and Marketing professionals through our Confluence RPO, Executive Search and Contract Contingent Workforce services. With operations in the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco, New York and Europe, we continue to expand our reach with every new relationship we establish.

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