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Full-Time Hire – Senior User Interface Engineer – $100.0B Fortune 50 Retailer

FIVE TIMES – CONGRATULATIONS to the Verticalmove, Inc Full-Time Recruiting team for filling a SENIOR USER INTERFACE ENGINEERING position, which is our fifth hire in this particular group in two months for a leading national retail leader.

This national retailer is retooling its entire omnichannel supply chain existence, which handles more than $110.0 billion dollars in North American commerce, and has earned a spot among the Fortune 50.

This candidate is part of our NGT (Next Generation Transformation) consulting team that helps our clients decompose their monolithic enterprise applications, and move to a modern microservices, cloud-based architecture.

DID YOU KNOW that Verticalmove, Inc leverages an AI-powered digital skills assessment platform, which leverages audio, video, and image proctoring to confirm identity authenticity, location, and overall competency?

Our skills assessment platform distills a hiring decision into a simple score and ranking system for our clients, which further helps our team achieve measurable consistency, remove unconscious bias, and improve hiring outcomes.

Amazing work team!

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