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Please meet Dawson our Senior Technical Recruiter

I am excited to introduce our Technical Recruiter, Dawson Allen, who has always been an overachiever. Dawson was recognized by the National Honor Society for exceptional academic performance in high school and competed in state championships for DECA, showcasing his marketing, management, and entrepreneurship skills.
Dawson started his career at Verticalmove, Inc as an entry-level Talent Qualification Specialist and has since worked hard to be promoted to Senior Technical Recruitment positions. He has filled some of the most difficult technical roles ranging from Senior Director to junior-level Java Engineers and boasts one of the best candidate submittal to offer ratios within Verticalmove standing at 5:1.
Dawson’s passion and determination extend beyond his professional career. He was born in Washington State and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, in June 2020. He is a supercar enthusiast and has experience in track racing cars ranging from Audi R8, Porsche GT3RS, and Ferrari 488s. Although he currently drives a Kia Sorento, he is saving really hard to afford a supercar of his own someday.
Dawson’s unique blend of technical recruitment expertise, determination, and passion for high-performance cars makes him an excellent addition to the Verticalmove team.

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