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Revolutionizing Hiring: Verticalmove Harnesses AI-Powered Assessments and Paired Programming Exercises to Uncover Top Tech Talent


At Verticalmove, we excel at identifying top-tier professionals for our valued clients. Our consistent screening process delivers exceptional outcomes, with an average of fewer than 6 carefully vetted candidates leading to offer decisions.

Moreover, we successfully close over 90% of all offers extended. Our comprehensive approach sets us apart and ensures we bring exceptional talent to the table.

[AI-Powered Digital Skills Assessment Platform]

At Verticalmove, we pride ourselves on leveraging an AI-powered digital skills assessment platform that revolutionizes the way we evaluate candidates. This advanced platform employs audio, video, and image proctoring to confirm the authenticity of identity, location, and overall competency. By seamlessly integrating these techniques, we establish trust and confidence in the skills and capabilities of our candidates from the initial stages of the screening process.

[Paired Programming Interviews]

To gain deeper insights into candidates’ technical prowess, we conduct rigorous paired programming interviews. These interviews serve as a litmus test for candidates’ competency in crucial areas such as design patterns, data structures, algorithms, and other domains that our clients prioritize. By engaging candidates in problem-solving exercises and collaborative coding sessions, we can identify individuals who demonstrate a strong foundation, adaptability, and innovative thinking.

[Leveraging Our Consulting Engineers Bench]

At Verticalmove, we are fortunate to have an extensive bench of consulting (engineering) professionals who bring with them a wealth of experience and technical expertise. These seasoned professionals play a pivotal role in evaluating the results of each in-depth technical interview we conduct. By leveraging their insights, our team ensures a thorough assessment of candidates’ performance, guaranteeing that only the most qualified individuals make it to the final selection process.

To provide you with a more detailed understanding of our superior technical screening approach, we have created a video that outlines our process from start to finish. I invite you to watch the attached video.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the initial screening phase. We strive to create an environment where candidates can truly showcase their skills and aptitude, ensuring that only the most exceptional professionals join our client’s digital transformation initiatives.

If you are seeking a digital transformation team that excels in technical screening and consistently delivers outstanding talent, Verticalmove is your trusted partner.

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